Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's Over.

...January that is.

Last night after dinner, Mark and I sat freezing in the living room, each with our own blanket, while watching the boys play. Dinner and dishes were done, and it was pitch black out. It was only 5:30pm.

Mark remarked how this had been the longest January that he could remember. I agreed with him, while monitoring the boys take turns jumping off of the couch, then began to count in my head how many more hours until they would be in bed.

"Let's go to Home Depot," he suggested. We didn't need anything.
"Target then?" No, because we always find something we think we need at Target.
"Warm pie at Perkins?" hhmmm, that was a little tempting.

In the end we ran to higher ground (the upstairs playroom), where the air is a bit warmer. The boys and Mark played "Shoot," where they try to dodge arrows from a Nerf gun, and I opted for making some cookies.

Having survived the stillness and monotony of the night, we are reminded that regardless of how very cold it could be, February is always a short month.


Theresa said...

sounds all too familiar. ah the simplicity of life in small town minnesota.....in the dead of winter.....on a monday night......

yes. i know this scenerio....cookies included. ;-)

let me guess, the cookies were first a thought to warm up the kitchen and then to satisfy little sweet tooths? i find myself baking nonstop some days just to keep some added warmth in the kitchen.

Mallory said...

Exactly. I do it without even realizing it, too. Yesterday morning I started the day with coffee and a banana bread in the oven. Right after breakfast I put a roast in the crockpot. The kids had hot chocolate and I had tea in the afternoon. For dinner we had roast, potatoes, and gravy, which is really NOT a typical dinner in our house (i'm a more chicken and rice kind of girl). And then yes, we topped it off with MORE coffee after dinner and then cookies!

I was just sharing with Mark how much our grocery bill has increased in the last couple months, and now I'm convinced it's because I am cooking ALL the time because we never leave the house!

Theresa said...