Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I love, love, love, love, love this blog.

On a cold winter's day (like today), a quick scan through her website inspires me to do something new. Today I'm trying out her soft pretzels. I also have a whole chicken in a pot making broth for possibly a soup later on to go with the said pretzels. If it's a failure, at least the house smells good :-) .

Stay-at-home or not, I think you'll like Laura's sight.

(Also, there is no incentive for me to plug her site. You'll see it's quite a bit more, eh, involved than most blogs, and I'm certain that Laura receives some income from it. I'm honestly sharing it just because I think she's so darn cool.)


Anonymous said...

I think I could lose myself on this blog! So many good looking recipes, so little time! Thanks for posting it.


Catie Hb said...

Wow, what a great blog! Thank you for linking to it! I'd love to know where she gets her time... amazing.

Have you noticed that some links to recipes just take you to her store? I tried to open the "whole wheat tortillas" link and that's what it did... I'm wondering if that's a hint that you have to buy a cookbook to get the recipe. :)

And how did your pretzels turn out?? The recipe looks great!


Mallory said...

Alright, the pretzels. First, the recipe to too big. Halfing it is PLENTY for even a large family. Also, while I understand the reasoning for using all whole wheat, they were VERY heavy, too heavy. If I made them again I would definitely substitute at least half white flour, and lots more salt. Lastly, they were very time consuming. Bread making can be that way, I understand. I would modify the recipe and use my bread maker on the "dough" setting if I made them again.

Catie, the recipes I've looked at show a visual of her making them. Hum, I'll have to click on the tortilla to see what you mean ;-) . Like everything, I'll take her blog with a grain of salt (and white flour), because SOMETIMES it's not worth it to make exclusively healthy food if your family isn't crazy about it.

Still, something fun ;-) .

Catie Hb said...

You know what I noticed in her reader comments on *i think* the pretzels (may have been bagels)... someone asked "white berry or red berry wheat?" And she answered, "White, red would be too heavy." Well, it surprised me she wouldn't mention that in the recipe b/c most people who buy wheat, whether pre-ground or grinding it themselves, get red berry. So that may be the problem. They did look awfully white in her pictures, so maybe more experienced bread makers than myself would already know that. :-)

Love the site either way!

Mallory said...

Ugh. So that's what I did wrong. I never would have thought that "whole wheat flour" was anything other than that. Humm, I guess home ground flour is becoming the norm these day (a post to come.) Thanks for the tip, Catie. Maybe I'll have to try them the correct way the next time I'm up for some kneading ;-) .