Monday, January 23, 2012

March for Life.

Today is the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and what pro-lifers call "March for Life," because of the 100k strong protesters at the capital. I've been to March for Life before, and it was hard, cold, and sad. It is not a rally, nor a party. It is a mourning of generation after generation of those who are nameless and faceless; silenced.

We talk openly with adults when the kids are around about politics, theology, and our beliefs. They don't catch most of what we're saying, so even though we openly talk about abortion and other controversial topics, when I asked Luke today if he knew what abortion was, he couldn't tell me. We pray for the unborn and for an end to abortion daily, and yet, his vocabulary doesn't yet comprehend violence against the unborn.

And today at lunch time, explaining to Luke all the people I knew at March for Life and our fight for the unborn, he became quickly confused about what we were fighting against. "Why," "Why," "Why," he had so many questions,"But why," why would babies need someone to fight for them? Aren't they safe?

No, dear child, not in this country.

I have discussed abortion with people many times. Those for and against. I've argued and fought over it; become impassioned with rage over it, but have also been compassionate and understanding. I hadn't, until today, explained it to a child.

I answered his questions modestly but truthfully--appropriate, I believe, for his level of understanding. And every word, even watered down and simplified, brought tears. Before I knew it, I was crying at the kitchen table over cheesy bread and tomato soup.

It's a sad thing to rub off some of the innocence that children are born with. After all, our children are surrounded by friends and family who adore babies and see each one as a blessing.

And I realized that talking about abortion is much different than actually explaining what it is. How painful it is to say out loud. There is a lot I want to write but can't. Instead, we pray for the unborn, we pray for an end to abortion, even though the children can't fathom a world of unloved babies.

While I can't be there today, I am raising the next generation in hopes that a March for Life for them will someday be unnecessary.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Last night was a big night. A first! My 9 month old slept through the night, for the first time in his life!!!!

This is no small feat. You see, Michael has always woken at least once or twice a night to nurse. This is old hat for moms, and not worth complaining about. This fall, however, a familiar pattern started that has happened with our older two boys. Twice a night nursing quickly increased exponentially--four times a night, bi-hourly, and then came the inability for him to sleep in his crib all together. For a time, the only way I could catch even an hour of sleep in the night was to sleep flat on my back with Michael cradled in my arm next to me.

I think most moms have experienced what I would call true sleep deprivation. For me, I become intellectually useless, and frequently lose my words in the middle of a sentence, or have the complete inability to focus. I also get a bouts of insomnia. I'll get so tired that I can't take nap during the day if I tried, or I'm so tired, but I still can't fall asleep at night.

Sleep is a big deal. And, I think it's worth celebrating! A week after Michael's tubes, and I think I can say that they were a success! I'm hoping for a better-hearing baby, more sleep for the whole house, and a refreshed, energetic mother who doesn't wake up thinking, "Okay, how well can I function today on two hours of sleep?"

Yes, yes, even though it is record cold outside, it's brighter than sunshine over here :) .

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hey, Look At How Cute I am!!!

Blogger-abandonment guilt. Here's a gratuitous shot of my ever-so-drooly, but oh-so-happy baby. Nine months?!?!?!


I know this happens every year. But still, it shocks me every time! I think we'll stay inside. I'm wearing Smart Wool.

Bitter cold surges into lakes area | | Brainerd, Minnesota

Thursday, January 12, 2012

While I'm Here.

Hey friends,

As I posted before, we are super busy with the closing on our old house, the closing and renovation of our new house, and the day-to-day upkeep with the kids. Life doesn't like to slow down, does it?

I just wanted to pop in quickly and ask all of your prayers for our baby. He is getting tubes put in his ears tomorrow, and while it's not heart surgery, it's still an ordeal for us since he has to go under anesthesia and refrain from nursing for several hours. I'm a little worried about him getting upset about not being able to nurse through the night and morning, which he is accustomed to doing. We just hate to take away what comforts him and puts him to sleep!

The little one can't sleep or hear with all the fluid stuck in his ears, so we are very much looking forward to the results of the procedure. Thank you!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Up to.

I promise that my reasons for neglecting this blog are just! I'm not abandoning it for good, but as you can see, we've been busy. Just a 'smidge. 

Getting close now!