Monday, May 31, 2010


I cloth diaper. I love it. I don't know why, but I get such a warm fuzzy feeling from cloth diapering. I love my baby's huge buns with his padded tush, and I love, even if he's not dressed, our blue and green diapers looking cute all by themselves.

When I first started CD'ing, I was pretty intense about it. Nervous that I wouldn't stick with it, I wouldn't allow myself any slack, carrying around a backpack of cloth diapers for a day trip, using cloth wipes, and double stacking inserts for night time.

These are all great things, but as the year has gone on and I've gotten into a groove, I gave up on the cloth wipes (wet wipes are wonderful for MANY purposes with little ones). And then I realized that for space reasons, having a disposable diapers in my diaper bag was more convenient that a wet bag and bulky cloth diapers. And finally, after wrestling with chronic rashes with BOTH boys, I have resigned myself to give up overnight cloth diapering. Probably from the wetness, I just couldn't keep Paul's bottom from breaking out.

Now, cloth diapering is as easy as ever. I have disposables ready for overnight and out-and-abouts. We have found our "niche" and it's working really well. We're still saving a ton of money and keeping lots of dirty nappies out of the landfills.

The point of this post is to show the "fringe" of cloth diapering. While it's common sense if you think about, paper products are a very new thing. If we look back a little more than a generation, cloth diapers were not only the norm, but the necessity. It would logically follow that many of the paper products that we're used to today were not massed produced in the not-too-distant past. Paper towels, napkins, tissue and toilet paper were all cloth, and we're washed, dried and reused.

This website deals with this topic. And, while it may seem "extreme" to us, it's really not as "out there" as we might think. Some of the products sold might shock you initially, but then again, we're used to flushing our waste into plumbing or into a garbage can. I'm not advocating this lifestyle, it is just interesting; something I hadn't given much thought to before. While I cloth diaper, I just can't imagine switching to Mama Cloth or Family Cloth.

What do you think? Have I grossed you out yet?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just When...

...I thought I was going to start blogging again...

*We all got the pukes

*Paul got trapped in the crib and we threw it away

*Luke fell backwards into a fire pit and nearly needed stitches

*And then, the last two days were so beautiful that it would have been wrong, yes wrong, to do anything but enjoy every last minute of them. It's Minnesota, and you never know when the weather might deceive you. So, we took advantage and threw naps and bedtimes out the window for two days and just played, played, played.

*Now...I have overtired and pink-skinned children.

*Oh yeah, and Mark thinks that we're going to train for a marathon. I ran 2.5 miles yesterday after not having run for a while. This could be interesting.

*We are seriously, seriously getting close to getting a dog. If we get a dog then I am certain that I will have something to blog about everyday. I'm not an animal lover, per se, but I have been thinking about getting a dog for a long time, and it's absolutely not something I am doing impulsively. We want a family dog. My heart actually longs for one, it's kinda weird.

*Paul is keeping us up. He's like the bipolar baby. He'll play and play, but then he'll cry and cry. We never know what we're going to get. If we could get him to sleep at night then we would feel like we could conquer the world. As it is, we're up at least three times a night and often up for the day before 6am. It's really not fair to anyone anymore. Hopefully a solution is in store soon.

There's our business for today! Not much for posting this week, but it's just been "one of those" weeks. Enjoy the sunshine, if you're near it. I could never tire of this weather.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Food for Thought

What's worse, waking up at five in the morning and puking all day, or the pounding headache that results because you missed your morning coffee?

...I can't believe I do this to myself.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coming of Age.

PJ is almost 14 months old, and while we've definitely had our struggles, and there have been days I've wanted to quit, I'm happy to congratulate him (and myself) on a year of successful nursing! Fourteen months going strong!!

We're doing great! Too great, really. So great that I'm kinda wanting to stop. So great that I'm looking at all my pretty sundresses and thinking that even though "we've got this nursing thing," that I kind of want to trade all my loose cotton tops for some pretty halter dresses.

I've been at this place before, because this was the age that I decided to start weaning my first boy. It took a month, and once it was done, it was done. Just like that. No more nursing that baby. It was over. And was nearly two years 'till I got the next baby. And I missed nursing. After I weaned Luke I would pull him out of crib late at night and hold him close rocking and rocking. I missed the closeness and quiet. I missed the mumbled prayers that come so easily in the dark stillness of the nursery. I missed the baby that he was, and I was mad at myself for not realizing it sooner.

The weather is getting nicer, Baby is getting more clingy, and I'm getting the "itch" to have Baby bounce into toddlerhood and off my hip. But this time around I'm cautious; more aware of the regret I might have if I stop too soon, and with a greater appreciation for the gift of a nursing baby, even if it is inconvenient at times.

For now, the decision between Baby and the sundress is an easy one.

Monday, May 17, 2010

While I was Gone...

Unfortunately, I don't have anything monumental to list as a huge accomplishment during my absence. I did do a lot of small things though, and as things go, a lot of small things, in my eyes, can be a life changer.

*I rearranged our toy room/family room. We have an upstairs living area and a downstairs one. Most of the toys are downstairs, but I had been needlessly trying to contain them to a corner. In an act of submission, I moved the play kitchen right next to the window, the train table closer to the fireplace, and basically gave up trying to make the room function as anything more than a place for the children to play. I'll have to post pictures.

*While I refuse to refer to myself as the "G" word, I really started paying attention to what I throwing in the garbage. With very little effort, all our fruit and yogurt cups, and all glass or plastic containers are now cleaned and recycled. We recycled before, but I hadn't really payed attention to all things that could be recycled that I wasn't recycling. For instance, an empty container of sour cream, metal can or box of macaroni. For a family of four, we only fill up 1.5 garbage bags a week now. My reasoning for this change was pretty basic: Everything I throw away ends up in the landfill. If I put it in the recycling, it doesn't end up in the landfill. For things like plastics, dangerous chemicals can end up in the ground, water, and eventually our food. Just trying to do my part and to keep us safer.

*Being a bully isn't part of my nature, but maternal instincts are. Our neighborhood, for better or worse, has a child the same age as my son. Luke is overjoyed at the constant playmate, while Mother has her suspicions. For reasons unsaid, I've taken it upon myself to instruct and direct this unsupervised child when he is at our house playing. After all, my house, my rules. But more importantly--my child! I never knew I had such a backbone!

*Taking baby steps to eat healthier, but failing everyday, I have added to our "healthy list." We started with organic whole grain flax pasta, continued with organic brown rice, and organic homemade spaghetti sauce. These were easy switches, and I was able to buy it all discounted in bulk online, so the cost increase to organic was minimal. Now added to my list are organic eggs and organic milk. I can only buy these at the grocery store, and the cost increase is significant, especially since I make the kids eggs nearly every morning.

*I love Ironman

*I love Ironman

*I love Ironman

*I love Ironman, but I'm really looking forward to seeing Robin Hood, too.

*I've been reading a lot about "Home Birth" lately. I'm not planning a home birth, if that's what you were thinking, it's just something that I've been researching. Late at night when anxiety strikes, I often relive the birth's of my two boys. The trauma of the first birth actually caused the trauma of the second birth! My second baby was nearly born in the car because I was trying to avoid the gown, bed, IV, monitor, epidural, nubane, catheter, and pitocin of the first birth! What if you didn't have to worry about all of that stuff and could just labor and deliver at home? What a thought! Without having done it, I'm a believer now. I never would have predicted that my thoughts against home birthing would change, but now I'm a believer.

*I pluck gray hairs everyday. I'm 26.

*Glad to be back!