Monday, February 7, 2011


Friday morning we went to our first play date since we moved. This is quite a big deal because a woman that I have only spent short spurts talking to at the science museum invited us to her home for the kids to play. I am very, very grateful for the invitation. Her kids are kind, she is kind, and the boys (hers are the same age as mine!) had a wonderful time.

I am very appreciative when people go out of their way to welcome others.We've "started out" four different times in new locations where we knew very few, if any people. There have always been a handful of people who have helped smooth that transition for us, and it is quite humbling.

As a family, we try to "pay forward" hospitality as much as we can. And, since my social circle is limited to who I happen to meet repeatedly at the library, Mark is often the one inviting people over. We've had people, couples, and families over for dinner, brunch, or a football game, oftentimes me having never met them. For a Hesitant Homemaker, it has been initiation by fire, and in the beginning of our marriage I had to figure out right away how to entertain without embarrassing myself.

Reminiscing about the past, one couple that Mark invited over for dinner ended up being dear friends; two years later we asked them to be Godparents to our child. Others have traveled far from us, or we far from them, but have remained close through Christmas cards, emails, and even traveling for events like weddings.

Slowly but surely we're trying to carve out a path in this new place, and I'm refreshed knowing that in all places there are good people, with good families and children, who are just trying hard just like us, and who enjoy a cup of coffee and the sound of children playing.


Erin said...

This post makes me miss you way too much.

I heard a rumor you were in town this weekend. Why didn't we get together? Was it the puking child, kept you away, didn't she? Rats.

Mallory said...

We were. We hadn't been home since Christmas so our "people to see" list consisted of family and cousins. We'll be up again SOON, I'll let you know, we want to see your house!

The same person who told me your kids were sick ALSO told me that they were expecting TWINS. ;-) .