Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Up to.

  The little guy tried some boots on for size. 

 And then fell over. 

 The big boy needs all his ducks in a row. Or Tow Mater's, in this case. 

(Blurry) floor shot, because we can't go a day without some blocks. 


Abby said...

First, Emily just informed me that she's going to come to your house. She wants to play. :) Second, we're a "keep your toys all in a line" kind of family, too.. Emily loves to line up her princesses and cars! And third, Paul has SUCH a Severson expression in that second picture. Uncanny!!! Way to keep up your blog, because I'm gonna miss you on fb. ;)

Mallory said...

Aren't kids funny? I swear I'm creating a monster because I'm super anal about toys being in their respective places and all the pieces being put back, etc. The boys are following suit with their own organizational practices!

Yes, please come over! We don't just have dinosaurs and trucks, we have a toy kitchen for the girls! And...really good coffee I might add ;-) .

Paul has always been a mystery child to me. He looks SO different from Luke. As he gets older I see more resemblance, but I think he favors Mark's side much more than even his mom and dad!

Erin said...

Trust me Mallory I am creating the same monster over here. It's too soon to tell with Belle but Claire is a little general when it comes to what "goes together" or where things "go". I'm really glad it's not just my kid. Justin and Belle tend to catch her wrath for putting things in the wrong place daily.