Thursday, February 17, 2011

Post-Partum Prep

I will state pretty boldly that the uniform for a mom at home with kids is cotton, cotton, cotton. All the spills, dirty fingers, and being a human kleenex is as much of an explanation that I need to give!

Additionally, the first two months post-partum have to the messiest, most destructive time for clothing. I've narrowed my post-partum clothing down to a system. I buy new, cheap cotton shirts that fit me loosely for those hours upon hours of nursing. They get stained and bleached with the whole gamut of bodily fluids. They are washed so often that they soon develop small holes. After they are sufficiently faded and worn to embarrassment, they become pajama shirts. This whole process takes three months.

Anyone who has ever nursed a newborn knows exactly what I'm talking about.  And, as much as I like to buy nice, quality clothing that will last, for daily shifting sizes, diaper blowouts and breastmilk leaking on every imaginable surface, now is just not the time.

My go-to for post-partum clothing is I will wait until I can get both a discount PLUS free shipping, and then order every cheap cotton shirt that I think I will wear. I'll often buy them in different sizes, too, knowing that sizing will shift. I like Old Navy because the clothes are cheap, oftentimes cheaper than anything I can get at Target, or other lower end clothing stores like Kohls. Old Navy always has cotton shirts on sale, and while the quality is lacking, they are lightweight and perfect for nursing. They are brightly colored, and when they inevitably get stained and garbage ready, they are perfectly comfortable for night sleeping (and nursing).

The snow is actually melting today, which makes me dream of spring. I might start my online shopping today...and in some weeks, you can expect me to be wearing this, everyday, in every color.


KK said...

Mallory, what a helpful post to a first time mom!! How great! Thank you!!

Mallory said...

Thanks, Katie. Yes, having a newborn is WONDERFUL beyond words, but nursing in the beginning can be a HUGE mess, not to mention breastfed baby diapers. Invest in many loose-fitting cotton shirts that can easily be thrown in the wash with the baby clothes. You and baby will need to change during the day lest you all smell like spoiled milk ;-) .'ve given me some new posting ideas now. Thinking of you as you prepare for your new baby!!

Sarah said...

How true it is . . . :)

Abby said...

I read this as I sit at my kitchen table wearing a gray l/s old navy cotton shirt.. a bit too large now that my body is back to pre-Isaac.. I did that same shopping spree about 7 months ago. :)

KK said...


I'd love to hear tons of advice and input!! I do a lot of online research, but filter most things to see if they will "work" for us - and I peruse facebook to find other "new mom's" must haves, but it is always more comforting to get advice from someone you know!

Thanks again!