Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 Down. Pregnancy in Review.

My three pregnancies have gotten consecutively better. As great as a pregnancy can be, now that I'm 3/4 of the way done, the less than glamorous side of pregnancy is making it's all too familiar return for the final sprint...or marathon, or however you want to look at it.

Positively, some things are going very well. I still cook for my family almost every night. No one has ever run out of clean underwear because of my inability to keep up with laundry, and the house runs almost in step as it would if I wasn't carrying a baby. I lay down for at least a few moments almost every day, and the boys, in large part due to my husband, are washed and prevented from being stinky most days. Really, it's working out pretty well, and I don't have a lot to complain about.

The biggest issue at the contradiction of an easy pregnancy being coupled with the most demands. I have two children who expect a lot out of me, who need a lot of help getting in and out of the car, or struggle with getting bulky coats, mittens, and boots on. I have an extra bed to make, extra cheerios to vacuum from the carpet, and extra calls for "mom" from an extra set of stairs in the house.

My body is just getting tired. I find that I have so much motivation, but lack the physical ability to follow through with my intentions. I'll bake bread one day and grocery shop, then sweep and mop the floors, play outside with the boys, brush out the dogs, and then feel really great about how much energy I've been blessed with, only to wake up the next morning feeling like someone took a baseball bat to my hips. Yes, that belly and extra weight do eventually start to make their impact known.

So, here I am, sipping on some Raspberry Leaf tea, thankful that when the days' activities start to wear on me that I have husband who comes home to relieve some of the load.

Anyone care to share what their easiest/hardest days of pregnancy are, and how they coped with them?


Theresa said...

for me it was mostly the nights in the 3rd trimester that got to me. you know....when you are so pregnant your belly chases you? you roll over and you feel your hips get situated before your belly settles. it's like a split second chase, but the belly follows the roll-over. ?? yup....that woke me up every time.

hang in there. you are almost done. and what an awesome time to finish up the last weeks....LENT. i can hardly believe it is only weeks away. yikes. see....time is going to FLY by and you'll have your boy in your arms so fast!

Mallory said...

Yes, sleeping is definitely becoming tricky. I've got an extra pillow for my legs and another for my arms. It makes it quite the ordeal to roll over! I also get "Restless Leg Syndrome," which is so random, but 3 for 3 I've dealt with it and it's so irritating!

Lent. huh. I find it ironic that the last 40 days of my pregnancy square right up with self-sacrifice. God DOES have a sense of humor ;-) .

Thanks, Theresa!