Friday, February 25, 2011

Tip of the Week.

Our family likes potatoes, but we also mix potatoes around with other starches like rice and pasta. This means that we often can't get through an entire bag of potatoes without some going bad.

But, did you know that it takes the same time to boil one potato as it does 10lbs? On dinner days where I'm planning making mashed potatoes, I will cook and mash as much as an entire bag. After dinner, once we've used up we've eaten and the rest have cooled, I portion them into quart-sized freezer bags, flatten them somewhat for easy stacking, and put them in the freezer. 

Once they are frozen, all you have to do is thaw, put in an oven-safe dish, cover and heat to have a dirty-pan free side dish for dinner. They taste just the same, and some people think they are even better, especially those who heat theirs uncovered to have a nice crunchy top. 

This tip takes VERY little prep time. Since making mashed potatoes can be a dirty job anyway, why not just make them in bulk and have one mess to clean? I'm a believer. Try it, and I think you'll agree! 


Sarah said...

I think this is quite brilliant! I crave potatoes every single day with this pregnancy. The Hesitant Homemaker does it again!

Theresa said...

Thanks Mal! I've always wondered about that but never tried it. I freeze potato soup with great success so why wouldn't it work with plain old mashed spuds? I'm gonna do it next time we make potatoes. Plus (for us) it's a great way to cook up those potatoes that are still in the cellar from last years garden. Most of them are still good but I know they are coming to the end of their cellar life.
Thanks again!
p.s. how's the scarf coming?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mallory! What a fantastic idea! (read: why hadn't I thought of that before!?) Genius really. Praying for you in these last couple months of pregnancy.


Mallory said...

I'm glad you are enjoying my tip ;-) .

Theresa, the scarf is coming along nicely. I had my second class last night and learned to "Spit Splice" my skeins together--spitting and rubbing, I can do that. The teacher said I will learn to bind off super quickly, so for the next class she wants me to bring different yarn and a hat pattern to purl stitch and knit "in the round." Could it be? SO excited. I will be making wool hats all summer...