Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Waiting Game

I've hauled the vacuum up four flights of stairs and vacuumed every room of the house. 
I've mopped the floor, washed the woodwork and bleached the sinks.
I've cooked seven meals to freeze in addition to our regular dinners. 
I've washed the sheets, cleaned the fridge, stocked up on stamps, toilet paper,cat food, toothpaste and food of every sort. 
I've got lanolin, a breast pump, nursing pads, vaseline, rubbing alcohol, diapers, wipes, and a nail clipper all within arm's reach.
I've cut and colored my hair.
We've washed the cars and have assembled the infant carseat
We've packed our hospital bags with everything short of our toothbrushes. 

We're ready. 

Come on, baby!


Anonymous said...

No baby yet! You have to make it to bowling on Sunday. It's tradition after all!

PS Our house hasn't been mopped and bleached since Sunday, and with our new canine friend, it could use it again, so if your house is too clean now and you're looking for an outlet for your nesting... I'm just saying, come on over! :-)

Mallory said...

Let's see, today I took Luke on a walk in the stroller and then rearranged his room, furniture and all. Now I'm washing winter jackets and collecting trash around the house in anticipation for garbage day tomorrow, which is Mark's job, but I'm just a big ball of nervous, exhaustive energy.

I'm insane.

Mallory said...

You know, Sunday is the 22nd, which is Luke's prediction for the baby's arrival...bowling just might be the ticket...

Anonymous said...

You're right, if your water broke at the bowling ally it would make my embarassing bowling scene from a few weeks ago no big deal!