Monday, March 16, 2009

The Nest

Sitting at a desk all weekend got me thinking, and worrying, about everything we've overlooked or have yet to do before this baby comes, which I remind you, could be any day. 

Both Mark and I got caught with the nesting bug this weekend, because when I got home from work late last night, the Little Giant was displayed in the living room and the trim on unmentionable parts of our high ceilings were painted after nearly six months of neglect from painting burnout. Walking through the house, our toilet paper holder was installed, mini blinds and curtains were put up in two bedrooms, and burnt-out lights were replaced. 

On my end, since I have a great fear of leaving the house, ever, with two children, again stocked up on house supplies. This time it was food. After Mass we filled our cart to overflowing at Wal-Mart with convenience foods-something we try to avoid, but with a deep freezer in the garage and immutable sleep deprivation on the way, it's something I'll definitely concede on for the next couple weeks...months...however long it takes. Now we have a three month supply of corn dogs, fish sticks, chicken nuggets and frozen pizzas to get us through those days when just preheating the oven will be considered an accomplishment. 

Today I have another shopping tripped planned, to my real grocery store, to buy real food. My plan, if I can remain motivated enough, is to make three lasagnas, three homemade macaroni casseroles, and a big pot of chicken wild rice soup--all to freeze in disposable containers. I found easy recipes, and although in the past few days I've definitely started along the path of the miserable pregnant woman, I feel strangely motivated to get these preparations done. 

All of this, along with the generous help of our families I'm hoping will allow for a peaceful transition in our home. Until then, I'll keep thinking, planning and working.

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