Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hidden Blessings

In the midst of another sleepless night, I noticed that the bathroom light had turned off. With flooding rain and heavy winds, I assumed the power went out and continued to focus on trying to get back to sleep. 

Once the morning hit the power hadn't returned, and using my sleuthing skills I noticed that the neighboring homes had their lights on and were leaving their houses with dry hair and ironed clothes. 

Long story short, we ended up needing to call an electrician to put a temporary electric line to our house. Apparently we have a gopher problem, and gophers like to chew underground electric lines, who knew? Once the ground thaws we'll have a bigger problem on our hands when we have to decide how to permanently fix the problem. 

Although solved in a relatively short amount of time, waking up and spending the entire morning in a dark, silent house and cold house was stressful for both me and Luke at home and Mark at work while we collaboratively tried to fix the electricity. 

During my tossing and turning last night I got to a point where the insomnia took over and I walked the halls for a few minutes. I prayed I would go into labor, that my water would break, that something productive would happen to make my discomfort feel like it was accomplishing something. Nothing happened. Now, hours later, I can thank God that our little baby stayed put last night. 

Sometimes we think we know best, and last night I would have bet the world that the best thing for me would have been to start labor. I was wrong, God knew better. He knew that I would have wanted a hot shower and to shave my legs before heading to the hospital. He knew that I would want light in the bathroom, light anywhere for that matter, and that I would insist the dishes be done before leaving the house. This, and a thousand other tasks were running through my head this morning as I made phone calls. Thank you God, for knowing better, and for electricians who know how important a stove, oven, and Playhouse Disney are for a mom at home.

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