Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I'm reading Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. I've kept the fact that I'm reading these books a big, dark secret. Now you know. 
Are they ridiculous? Yes
Are they entertaining? Yes
Do I hide the cover of the book at the dr's office out of embarrassment? Yes
Do I wish I could blog about how cultured I am and we could all have a discussion about War and Peace? Yes

I sold out, and I'm trying to be like the cool kids. 

It's naptime, it's Sunday, and I'm reading Eclipse. 

I start Harry Potter next week. 


Anonymous said...

I love ya, this made me laugh out loud! (Even though I knew your dirty little secret.) I read trashy hand me down paperbacks from Justin's grandma. That makes me way worse then you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well....I have this icky interest in gossip magazines. It is often one of the first stops for me when I walk into the library.

And the whole romance novel thing....
I devoured two of James Pattersons lovey novels in two days. YES, neglecting my motherly duties most of that time as well. SICK!!!!! And I've never ever broken down and checked out or bought a romance novel in the past. UGH.

Symptom of stay at home moms?

There should be support groups or secret societies out there stuff like this....

Mallory said...

Love it.

While we're on it, when I'm not reading trash or sleeping during Luke's nap I will inevitably resort to the Tyra Banks show.

AND...big confession. I got a free subscription to Cosmo...and I read it when it comes in the mail.

Go on, don't be my friend anymore, I know you're ashamed.

Kendall said...

I just started the series, after Mom gave me the book and told me to try it. I'm hooked! After hearing a little about what it was about I figured there was NO WAY I'd be interested in it. Boy, was I ever wrong!

How did you get a free subscription to Cosmo?

Mallory said...

I drank a lot of diet coke, entered the codes online and won a free subscription.

I wouldn't say I'm hooked on Twilight, and I roll my eyes every few pages, but they are entertaining and I'll read the final book, too.

Anonymous said...