Saturday, March 28, 2009


Baby #2 is still packing on the pounds while I am reaching the point where I can hardly walk. I know that in a couple weeks once the baby is delivered and my body is returning back to normal that I'll forget the way I've felt for the past ten days. Until then, another day past is another day closer, if only I knew where the finish line was. 

Fortunately, Luke has been an angel during this time and has been more than patient with my limitations. A tough day is made a lot easier with a little boy so willing to cooperate and give you all the hugs, kisses and cuddles you need. 

Have a wonderful weekend. Baby or not, you probably won't see me, I've reached a state of seclusion and am avoiding the public eye as much as possible. You understand.


Anonymous said...

I think posting a picture would only be appropriate at this point!

Mallory said...

I look like this:

Think about it though, the weight of all these babies COMBINED will be the weight of my one.