Tuesday, March 10, 2009


He can't use a fork but he can build a pyramid.
I have a lot to learn about boys.


Anonymous said...

Amazing, I am not sure I could build that! As much boy as he is, his BFF Claire is all girl. She's never attempted to build anything with her blocks. She just likes to point out the colors and pictures on them. She can use a fork though ;-) Also, I'm guessing Luke doesn't take off his clothes mid day and go to his closet and change into something else. "Look Mom, pretty pants!"

MAS said...

As I was playing Tiger Woods golf, I looked over, and to my amazement, I saw this humongous pyramid that Luke built.

I don't mean to come off "bragy";I was just stunned because up to this point, he was only able to stack the blocks. I guess he picked up advanced block-building through osmosis. So, I had to take the picture as a proud Dad :)

Anonymous said...

It's time to take the "Bucket Head" picture off!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nonna!!!


Mallory said...

Now, as brilliant as grandmothers think their grandsons are, I have to say that Luke, while displaying some pretty interesting talents, still does the occasional "bucket head" stunt. Didn't you see the picture awhile back with ketchup on the back of his head?

I rest my case.

Anonymous said...

Luke is like most genius's. They are brilliant in their "specialty", but not so much in others. I'm sure there are areas where Bill Gates is a nincompoop.