Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Yesterday I started putting away the plaid, tweed, wool and snowflake-decorated articles of clothing that occupy our closets and dressers. I replaced them with linen, cotton, and light-colored clothes that had been sitting in rubbermaids for months. Taking the effort to do this, I somehow knew that while technically Spring hit at the beginning of the week, that the day I decided to springify our wardrobe that the snow cloud of doom would be lurking overhead mocking me for believing that winter was over. 

It's snowing today, and I feel I am the one that needs to take responsibility. I confess, I'm the one who dared to put carpris in the dresser and sandals in the closet.  


Anonymous said...

If you put the winter boots away before April 1, you are just ASKING for a blizzard.

But thanks for taking responsibility for the snow, I was thinking it was my fault for finally taking the Christmas wreaths down...... :)
Yo' Mama

Anonymous said...

Ah HA! I may get my Christmas music out too early, but I know that sandals have no place in my closet in March!

Mallory said...

Okay, in my defense it's not like I'm WEARING sandals in March, nor capris for that matter. However, you have to understand (and I know you do)that I have been wearing the same three pairs of pants with black maternity tops for MONTHS and I'm SO sick of them. Add that to a nesting instinct beyond sanity and you have a seasonal clothing disaster.

I'm not as bad as you think though, Mark wants me to go on a bide, when there are plows on the road and three inches of snow.

You can be assured though that as soon as this baby is delivered I'll be wearing pink and white everyday, regardless of the faux pas.