Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I may be labeled as an unfit mother after this post. That, or at least an unfit homemaker, but I guess we already knew that. 

Yesterday after naptime I got started on my bulk cooking and freezing of after-baby dinners. I made sure to give Luke lots of attention and fresh air to ensure my time uninterrupted in the kitchen, and I was happy with him as he played nicely while I chopped, boiled, cooked and cooked and cooked. 

I had the chicken wild rice soup cooking on low when I heard a crack. I looked around for the culprit, and when I heard sizzles and smelled burning I realized my roux was leaking through a huge crack in the pot. Utterly confused, I reacted too quicklyand burned my fingers on the scalding bowl as I tried to transport the existing soup into a separate pot. 

How could this happen? Well, I have red appliances and red accessories in the kitchen. Upon closer inspection I realized that what I thought was my red cast-iron dutch oven was actually the red ceramic bowl we use for popcorn. I sadly took the bowl out the trash, upset at my stupidity, but trying to be thankful that my more valueable dutch oven was unscathed. 

In the midst of my kitchen plunders, Luke was sitting nicely on the floor putting together a puzzle. With the XM radio in the background playing a station I can describe best as "Adult Alternative," I was slowly regaining composure in the kitchen. Obviously unaware of the music that had been playing during the previous fiasco, I was alarmed when Luke looked at me and started singing the words "Hope it gives you Hell," over and over and over again. 

Of all the songs on the radio, that's the one that stuck. Although appalled at my negligence, I found the song strangely appropriate as I battled my demons in the kitchen. 

In true Pollyanna spirit, I can be glad this song wasn't on the radio.  


Anonymous said...

I think the kitchen fiasco was the afore-mentioned booby trap.
They do come wrapped strangely and when you least expect!

Mallory said...

Maybe so. Next time I'll probably start the house on fire...

Anonymous said...

Bite your tongue!

- You need to slow down.
- Concentrate on the task at hand instead of the next one you'll be doing.
- Breathe.
- Move carefully so you don't hurt yourself (corners, walls, open cabinet doors....).
- Breathe some more....

From: Been there, done that

Mallory said...

Does "been there, done that" mean that you've also mistaken a red ceramic bowl with a cast-iron dutch oven and spilled soup all over your stove? OR, that your kids repeat things they shouldn't be hearing in the first place because of carelessness? :) :)

Either way I'm taking your advice and considering myself as the greatest threat to...myself.

Anonymous said...

I still laugh remembering that you put the frying pan cover-lid into the oven, used it as a pizza pan, and the plastic handle melted off..... the oven smelled like burned plastic for months.

BUT, If you want to start a list on who has done the most stupid things, I WIN, but that is only because I've got years of stupid, clumsy, why-did-I-do-that experiences behind me.

And certainly can look forward to more ahead of me, as I'm much better at giving advice than heeding it!

Yo' Mama

P.S. Since I've already been guilty of inadvertently teaching Luke new vocabulary words, I'll leave that subject completely alone!