Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My due date is March 31st. Luke's concept of time is that Baby's "Happy Birthday" is in March, along with Mommy's. To preface what happened today I have to explain that Luke, for two and a half, is pretty good with numbers. He counts everything and can concentrate for long periods by lining up objects and counting them. Even with this fascination he is limited to a one-to-one correspondence between 11 and 15. So, I was shocked this afternoon when Mark and Luke had this dialogue.

"Luke, when is our baby going to be born?"
"Baby's Happy Birthday in March."
"Yes, I know, but what day in March?"

Both Mark and I looked at each other, jaw-dropped at how much sense Luke made without him knowing how accurate his prediction might be. We were both a little perplexed at where he heard the number twenty-two, because even for liking numbers, Luke's certainly not counting that high yet.

There's Luke's two cents. We'll see if he's right. I'm posting this as proof of his prediction.

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