Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Fact: I vomited for the entire duration of my 21 hour labor with Luke. 

Fact: Three weeks ago when I got insanely sick the last thing I had eaten before I got sick were Doritos. It was gross. 

Fact: Although I love Doritos, I have not been able to look at them since. 

Fact: This afternoon I'm eating a small bowl of Doritos, albeit a different flavor. 

Conclusion: I will most likely vomit during my upcoming labor. If I go into labor today I will never eat Doritos again. 

Yes, I'm dumb for eating them, and yes I'm gross for sharing. 

Have a good, sun-shiny afternoon!


Anonymous said...

actually, if you think about it, Doritos kind of smell like vomit anyway......

Mallory said...

You're right.

I just threw up in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

That should get rid of the Doritos addiction.
Go back to popcorn!

Mallory said...

Popcorn it is. It doesn't cause heartburn either, which is a BIG plus.