Monday, March 23, 2009

Still Here

It's Monday, and there's still no baby. I shouldn't complain since I'm officially now a week from my due date, but I am admittedly pretty uncomfortable and very ready to have this baby with us! 

Unfortunately, I can't blog about much, because the elephant in the room is the baby on the way, it's all consuming and has now taken over all my thoughts, actions and decisions. Mark is on board now and is just as anxious as I am. 

Since I've done every preparation I can think of, the only two projects left to keep me busy are to clean out the garage, or start putting away winter clothes and replacing them with spring clothes. Both are big, no fun jobs, and I'm bound to start them and not get them completed before the baby comes, which is why I haven't considered them until now. Maybe starting a big project that will undoubtedly remain unfinished for months after the baby is born is what will do the trick, who knows. 

Until then, sorry for my lame blog posts. All my creativity is bottled up in nervous energy, and our family life is revolving around the axis of the baby on the way. 



Fuzzy said...

I wish I could come over and just be with you in these last few days! I so remember all those feelings, and I am praying that your little one comes soon!

Mallory said...

Thank you! That's very sweet.