Thursday, March 10, 2011


I am very close to buying a Moby Wrap. Other than a Baby Bjorn, I've never had any other "Baby Wearing" device.

My logic for the Moby is that I've borrowed slings, and I don't like the way they feel, and the baby hasn't liked them much, either. The baby does a little better in the Bjorn, but it ends up being killer on my back. I thought, what if I could get a snug hold for baby, plus something that would feel supportive on my back. Plus, it would be easy to wash, carry around in a diaper bag, and is more reasonable priced that other wraps.

Thoughts? Objections? Suggestions? 

Help me, please!


Roxy said...

Go with an Ergo Baby! You can carry your little one in the front, to the side or on your back. It's priced comparably to a Baby Bjorn but I got a pretty good deal by using a Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon at Buy Buy Baby. If you don't have that store near you, Amazon usually has good prices. I loved my Baby Bjorn until my son reached about 15 lbs then I could only carry him in it for short bursts before my lower back angrily protested. The Ergo Baby has a great padded waist strap that takes a HUGE load off your shoulders & back. My son is now 15 mo, just under 30 lbs and I can still carry him around for hours. I plan on buying the infant insert and using it from the beginning w/ the next baby. The Baby Bjorn went into the donation pile. Hope this helps!

Elizabeth said...

I don't know if you sew, but I made my own Moby out of a knit fabric. It is literally a long straight piece of fabric. If you can sew a straight line you can make one. Secondly, they can be cumbersome to put on. It takes a lot of practice and unless your baby loves it, it takes longer to put on than they are in it for. It is pretty cozy to wear though and is very versatile in that you can position the baby in many different ways. I agree about slings. They are not so comfy. My dream is to buy a BabyHawk carrier. It is a Mei Tai style w carrier and looks very simple to put on. A little more structured than a Moby but less restrictive than a mainstream baby carrier. I have one all cut out but never finished sewing it because my daughter likes her freedom ;) Here is a good site for sewing all different types of carriers and wraps.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the Moby Wrap. Both of my kids enjoyed being in it, especially once they could be facing out to see the world. They do take a bit of practice to put on right but not that long. I liked the fit, the ease of adjusting it and do feel like it gives you back support. However, I didn't use it much in the summertime because of all that fabric wrapped around you, it is kind of hot to wear, for you and baby. If you could make or buy used, that would probably be ideal. Then if you didn't end up liking it, you are not out much expense. But I would say try it!


Abby said...

I second the post above me. I actually have a "sleepy wrap" which is the same as the Moby, just a little less expensive. Both kids loved it because they can face out and it's like they are being held in their favorite position. I love that it washes well, too. You'll get used to putting it on quickly. Isaac is 25 pounds and I still use it with him! :)

mark said...

Thanks, everyone. This has been super helpful. I'm finding that the third time around I'm really *wanting* things that I didn't think of the first two times.

I have a sewing machine and I *TRY* to sew, but sometimes it doesn't go very well ;-) . I'm wondering if I had the same type of fabric if I could just hem it and then use youtube videos to learn to wrap the thing.

The ergo, too, looks REALLY tempting. I can see how a baby would like it--my boys have liked the Bjorn okay, I just never thought it fit my frame right, almost like it was made for a man's body, but it hurt just moments after I put it on. But, the ergo is a lot more money.

Lots of weighing to do...
(Mal not Mark...)

Elizabeth said... has instructions for wrapping.

Heidi said...

I second the ergo. I just got one to use with Gus, and I love it. The way it is designed, all of the weight is on your waist, not your back so it is so comfortable to wear. Pricy, yes, but so worth it.

Mallory said...

Gus!?? You had your baby! I'm off FB, so I am missing these big events. Congratulations!!!!

I'm super happy I posted about this, because he comment about all the fabric of the Moby wrapped around you just made me realize that that WOULDN'T work for me, at least in public. I can just imagine taking it off and having a completely wet shirt from all the sweating I'd do.

I'm starting to really lean toward the Ergo now, it looks so nice. Spendy, yes, I wasn't expecting that, but I'm thinking it probably works really nicely--much like a Bjorn, but without all the back trouble.