Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facebook Detox: Part 2

Nothing new to report on the Facebook front, except that I have had no temptation to return. In fact, there have been...ahem.... at least two people I know of for sure who have followed suit and deactivated shortly after my announcement.

I may not be on Facebook, but I have started and finished three new books since I quit, made popovers and a pound cake for the first time, knit a scarf, had multiple catch-up phone calls with friends, actually made plans to visit friends, read my boys more stories, added more structure to our day, reduced strain on my eyes, and have done all the pelvic rocking and tailer sitting necessary for a successful Bradley birth. Phew! Who knew I had that much time on my hands!

In other news, I also recently gave up my cell phone, and last week for the first time in my we have given up completely cable and satellite television. What am I going to do with myself?

Have I mentioned I starting sewing my own denim-homeschooling mom jumper?
Just kidding.

You can't nurse a baby in a jumper anyway.


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