Monday, March 28, 2011

A Position.

I'm sharing a link today of a video I watched this weekend.

I'm not recommending that you watch this video. There is no way around it, it's horrible, repulsive, sickening, tragic...sad beyond words. I really don't know how I got through it, other than a determination to see a side of something that I am opposed to and to reaffirm my convictions on the matter.

I have a feeling that the discussing the abortion debate on this blog is preaching to the choir, barking up to the wrong tree, etc., which is why I'm not saying that anyone should watch this video. However, maybe somebody you know should watch it, or maybe you are not quite sure how barbaric a fetus getting dismembered is.

I'm just sharing today for anyone who needs to know the violent reality behind choice.


Theresa said...

Mallory this is the most disgusting and horrific video I have ever watched!

Thank you for posting it. Thank you for paving the way and giving me the courage to post it as well.

It is going up for tomorrow's post.

Anonymous said...

wow mal..i never even knew that anyone actually recorded abortions..this was unbelievable..just the reality that this happens daily and so many millions of lives have been snuffed out...the video was horrific and tragic and so horrible to see, but at the same time i feel everyone needs to watch it..they need to prepare themselves (if possible) and just enter into it in prayer...I had to remind myself that it was real, not a movie...that this happens daily...and to see that baby torn from his/her mothers womb at the size of my baby now, just was horrifying...thank you for posting this..I pray that many people see this!! hope you are doing well as you await your arrival!!!