Thursday, February 5, 2009


Here's a useful list of things NOT to say to an expectant mother in her eight month. 
(FYI: These things that have actually been said to me throughout the course of my pregnancy).

1. So, you're done after this, right?
2. I'm sorry you're having another boy.
3. Too bad you didn't get a girl this time and could be done.
4. Wow, you put on some weight this month. 
5. How much weight have you gained so far?
6. How much do you weigh right now?
7. That looks pretty good on you for being pregnant.
8. You're getting big. 
9. You're not going to "x, y, z..." like you did with Luke, right?

There are a couple I'm thinking of that I won't post because they're awkward, but you get the drift. There are plenty I have heard from other moms out there that clearly take take the cake, but I figure you moms out there will be able to add to the list just fine. 

Let's just laugh them off and hope that people can learn from their thoughtless remarks. 
Have a happy day! 


Anonymous said...

how about:

- Have they checked for a second baby in there?
- You have how many at home?! (and this is only the 3rd)
- Your youngest is how old?...16 months? guys MUST be gluttons for punishment.
- So your having another boy?...don't tell me you'll try again to even things out.
- You'd think after having one of each you'd be satisfied with that.
- And your a stay-at-home-mom?...things are going to get super tight really soon.

Believe me, when you have MORE than 2, they get worse and more insulting and blatent.


Anonymous said...

Any guessing by strangers as to how far along a pregnant lady is is strongly discouraged I would say.


Mallory said...

I hope that you have come up with some clever comebacks, Theresa, those are brutal! If only you could smack people across the face and tell them to learn some manners!

And Erin, you're right on. When I was 27 weeks with Luke (and NOT that big), a girl asked me when I was due. When I told her she looked disgusted and said, "Oh, I thought you were due like in a week." Sorry, but when you say stuff like that I'm going to think you're a moron.

Anonymous said...

I will never forget coming down from my high after I fit into my regular swimming suit at 6 months with Claire. I thought I had the cutest little belly, then some guy asked if I was 9 months pregnant. With being due in August this time around, I think I'll fake a major fear of water all summer!