Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Minivan Mom

We got a minivan!!!

After trying unsuccessfully to buy a vehicle locally, yesterday after Mark got home from work we piled into our CRV and headed down to Little Falls where a car dealer had promised us the price we wanted for a van similar to the one we looked at the other day. After a test drive and lots of questions the dealer followed through on his promise and we drove two vehicles home.

Our minivan to the stars is decked out with leather heated seats and a miles per gallon gage. The downside for me is the color, it's champagne, which is just a fancy word for light boring brown. Oh well, it's still transportation, and after a year of getting by with one car I feel a new sense of freedom and life becoming a whole lot more convenient.

I took our new car to the YMCA this morning and now am now out of excuses for not being able to get to the gym. I suppose that means that I am out of many more excuses now, such as getting things to the post office, running out of milk and coffee beans, toilet paper, and the many other things that we tend to run out of due to not being able to run to the store at any whim.

Yeah for a family car!!

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