Thursday, February 5, 2009

Round Two

Twice in less than a week I have bailed out on dinner. I left the house this morning at 8:15am and went to my Catholic mom's group, had a meeting with Fr. Kris, took Luke shopping for a new pair of jeans, went out to lunch with my little bud, drove 35 minutes in the car, deposited a check in the bank, spent an hour at the library, then chased after Luke in the clinic and attempted to keep him quiet while discussing birthing plans with my doctor. After another 35 minute drive home, an apple juice tantrum, a leaky diaper, and hearing "carry me" for the 100th time, I am exhausted. 


At the point of total breakdown I left a message with Mark at work, "I can't cook tonight. I can't. I'm going to lose it." 

So, Chinese it is. He took the 2 year old with him, to boot. Now, with a few minutes of solace in a jam-packed day I think I'll head to the bathtub and read some necessary prayer books. 

I only hope I don't fall asleep in the tub.


Anonymous said...

Did you find anything at Totally Kids? I just heard on the radio that if yo go to 3wi studio you can buy a $10 Mattie and Me gift certificate for $6. I know you've been there before, so I wanted to pass the tip along...

Mallory said...

I was a little disappointed w/ TK. I got a pair of jeans for Luke and then some baby clothes, but generally just think that all the clothes are old, faded and overpriced. So, I would rather search garage sales and pay a quarter. Ho it May yet?

Mattie and Me might be good for you and maternity clothes, they were nicer than the kid clothes.

Anonymous said...

That's the same thought I had about TK. It's just nice to have should you need a specific item or two during garage sale off-season. I didn't notice the girl's clothes being too old and faded though, what is it those crazy boys do to their clothes?!

I'm afraid you are turning into me, considering any clothing item over $1 to be expensive. It's garage sale brain. Fear not, the mother's of multiples semi-annual rummage sale happens several weeks before garage sale season starts! We'll leave the men in charge (perhaps of 3 babies by then ;), get coffee and storm the door right at 8!