Friday, February 6, 2009

Tact: Part 2

In the interest of being fair and balanced, along with not trying to give the impression that the world is out to get me, I want to share some nice things that people, largely unknown to me personally, have said that have stuck with me and made me feel good. Whether or not they really meant what they said or they just knew exactly what a mom needs to be told doesn't matter, the thought was there. 

1. There's a smokin' hot mom at the gym who is always there with her kids when I'm there. Every time I see her she makes a point to say something encouraging to me. Going to the gym when you feel so large and can't work out as hard as you used to isn't exactly a confidence booster. So, to be told after every workout what a good job I'm doing is priceless. Thank you, smokin' hot mom!

2. Motherhood suits you

3. Pregnancy looks great on you

4. You're all baby (Let's be honest though, if you put on 40lbs by 33 weeks, you're clearly more than just baby)

5. I love baby bellies

6. You have a beautiful family

7. More than once an older mother has smiled at me and instead of remarking on how I have my hands full, etc., she'll say "Raising kids was the part of my life. " 

So, thank you women, men, fathers and mothers out there who are lifting us young mothers up and giving us support when at times we can only recall the negative. You make us smile with pride for taking on the nine-month task. 


Anonymous said...

I, for one, have to say I think you are one of the most beautiful pregnant woman I know!!! Can't wait to come home and have a lunch date with you and Luke. Miss you guys. I have had many belly laughs with your blogs this week. Miss you a lot. Mom S.

Anonymous said...

The best that lifted my spirits was a month ago at my dr appointment my dr told me like 4 times how well i was doing and being 27 weeks with gaining only 12lbs was fantastic....(even though i look like i've gained 50!). i felt so light and free when i left his office. it was wonderful!

then, a couple days later my grandmother was in town and she kept telling me how well i was doing and encouraged me that time flies way too enjoy every moment with the kids and this pregnancy because they FLY by so fast.

just two compliments like that almost completely obliterates the countless negative ones.