Saturday, February 7, 2009


It's Saturday, which means for us that I only get a few hours with my family before I head to work for the night. This Saturday is especially tight because Mark had to go into work this morning so family time was extremely limited. Fortunately, last night I got my butt to bed by 9:30pm which made this morning fairly tolerable. Since weekend family dinners are non-existent, we had a family breakfast with homemade muffins, grapes and juice. After a rough night with Luke where he had me in tears (another blog post...) he was an angel this morning and we all enjoyed some Saturday relaxation. 

Being that my brain is fried and I don't have much time, here is, without any cohesion to a topic, a few things that I've been thinking about. 

First, after endless requests in the car for "kids songs," specifically "Wheels on the Bus," I downloaded some new kids tunes on my iPod. I bought the entire Barenaked Ladies kids album, "Snacktime." It's not bad. A couple of the songs are pretty fun and Luke is already requesting them by name. I am tempted to buy some Hap Palmer, who, if you were unaware, is a kids songs extraordinaire. In college I actually taught some lessons using his music. 

Also, I have been meaning to post about my love affair with the YMCA. I can honestly say that I don't know what I would have done without the Y in the past six weeks. It has been so incredibly cold outside that the thought of going on a walk or taking your kids out is absolutely insane. The Y has been wonderful for both me and Luke to get a little exercise and to get out of the house for a little while everyday. For me in the last weeks of pregnancy I have really noticed a difference in the way I feel when I exercise. My legs don't cramp up at night, and I don't nearly have the trouble with 'restless leg syndrome' on the days I exercise. I'm secretly hoping that all the working out I'm doing is going to help me towards a quick and easy labor. We'll see...

Oh, and let's see, I had my checkup on Thursday and I'm up to a 40lb weight gain. Thank you, thank you. I don't really care, except that I put on this much weight with Luke, too, and I vowed to myself that I would see those numbers on the scale again and would try to eat a lot better. The truth is that I have eaten much better this time around, but the weight still has packed on. I'll be up to 50lbs by the time I deliver. My doctor was very supportive when I brought it up to her and convinced me that the weight I have been putting on is what my body needs to make a healthy baby, but still, it's not a pretty number to see on the scale. Oh well. 

Have a great weekend!  
P.S. I have to go to work RIGHT now and don't have time to check for typos. Forgive me, grammar police. 

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