Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What do you do...

...when your two year old tests you?
What do you do when you call his name and he runs the other way?
When you try to pick him up and he goes limp?
When you ask him to hand you something and he throws it across the room?
When he colors red crayon all over the window after specifically telling him not to?
When you finally spank him and he's up to the same shenanigans ten minutes later?
When you feel like an ineffective mother and fear destined to have naughty kids?

What's happened to my perfect, sweet little boy? The boy who showered me with hugs and kisses from morning 'till night? Who made me deliriously happy with his laughs and smiles? I try to give him a stimulating environment with colorful, creative toys. I give him attention when he needs it, I play with him on the floor, and make him play on his own when I'm busy, but I must be doing something wrong! I always follow through on discipline, and I never let him get away with defiance, and yet, here I am with a defiant two year old who knows the rules and breaks them anyway.

I'm hoping this is just a rough few days and not a new stage. Then again, maybe I've had it too easy for too long. Maybe I have too many expectations for a boy just over two and just need to have more patience. Maybe he's just two and I'll have to deal with it.

On a positive note, because I hate sounding negative when life has given me so many blessings, Luke goes to bed perfectly every night with a kiss on lips and a blessing.--yesterday he took a four hour nap! Still, this mom business is tricky stuff!


Anonymous said...

I think the two of them teamed up and shared plans of attack, because Claire's been a bit difficult this week herself!

Mallory said...

He's STILL being a stinker! And I should revise my last paragraph about going to bed perfectly...he has woken up two nights in a row crying, and now he's awake after only a two hour nap. Oh boy, what am I to do?

The mom said...

Not to be negative, but it is probably a stage... I thought the same thing about it being a rough couple of days with Ben, but that was about 5 months ago and it is still going on. It is the age and people keep reassuring me that it is normal and it will go away magically. Hopefully sooner rather than later :) you are not alone!

Mallory said...

Thanks, Heidi, and you're not being negative. I think because I "feel" like I'm trying to so hard to be a good mom that I automatically feel like a bad mom when my son isn't an angel. I'm going to try not to sweat the small stuff, stay consistent, and just hope that he'll end end up okay.