Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lessons Learned

I will not wait for the first snowfall to buy boots and a winter jacket for my son.
I will not wait until all the leaves are off the trees before I realize that Luke has no warm clothes for the upcoming season.
I will not spend another winter with no boots for the baby because they were sold out everywhere.
I will not buy the absolute last jacket and snowpants on the rack within a tri-county region simply because I did not plan.

I'm going today.

But let's face it. This is Minnesota. It could snow tomorrow. At least I'll be prepared this time around.


Anonymous said...

you should try buying for next season at the end of this years season. everything is DIRT CHEAP! it's the way to go. especially when you'll have to get a new size every year til the little squirt stops growing.....

Mallory said...

Good point! I do that to some extent, especially with my clothing. Luke is pretty short for his age, and I'm very confident that every pair of shorts from this summer will fit him next summer, so I'm covered there. After this winter I'll definitely be trying to find clothing for next winter...I'm always scrambling to find sweaters and sweats. Great tip...of course, it requires planning, and that's something I'm JUST getting accustomed to doing ;)