Friday, September 26, 2008

Agenda Lost

We've been sick...all week. Between the daily rain and general displeasure at the thought of getting dressed and leaving the house, Luke and I are on our last leg trying to keep entertained. Fortunately Luke has been an angel these days and has demanded little of me. Halfway through the week we managed to get to the library for some new books, but I now have no voice to read them aloud. I called in to work tonight, something I never do, and am just hoping that this isn't a sign of what's coming this winter.

In my spare time I'm doing what any other sensible new home owner would be doing, spending endless hours on the internet looking up paint colors and toddler bedding. The toddler bedding is easy, because anyone who knows Luke knows what makes him the happiest in the world--dinosaurs. I managed to find a sheet set that wasn't too scary or obnoxious, and thought cool bedding would be good motivation for Luke to sleep in a big boy bed. The paint is more tricky because I'm dealing with a type of home we never thought we'd get, that is, new, modern and bright, as opposed to the older, classic homes with character that we looked at all summer. Now, instead of reds and browns I'm leaning towards light greens and soft yellows. Of course, we can't even get into the house right now, but it's still fun to dream.

Another not-so-great companion of sickness is its ability to throw off our wonderful routine. I haven't cooked all week, the produce is going bad, the pork loin is still in the freezer, and the take-and-bake pizza and lunch at McDonald's are making me feel all my effort to get on track has been wasted. But, a wise mother told me to expect these things to happen, to plan for them, and not to beat yourself up when out of necessity a week of dinners and laundry go down the toilet.

From a Hesitant Homemaker in Minnesota with no voice but a need to communicate somehow.

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