Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tales from the Supermarket

Scenario: Mommy pushing Luke in the grocery cart as we make our bi-monthly trip to the grocery store.

Conflict: Since we've been going every two weeks, coupon clipping and meal planning, my grocery list is brand specific, extensive, and takes time to complete.

Reward: If Luke is a good and patient boy, he gets a donut, which is universally referred to as a "treat" in our household.

Humor: While picking up Aunt Jemima pancake syrup, which I had a coupon for, Luke snatched the oh-so-precious grocery list from my grip and began "reading" the paper in total jibber-jabber.

Wanting him to feel engaged and helpful I asked him, "Luke, what's next on our list?" He responded, "Num, num." Now, the next thing on my list was a block of Crystal Farms mozzarella cheese, but hey, in Luke's world "num num" should have made the light go off.

Taking my chances I asked Luke what else was on the list..."treat," of course ;) .

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