Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Rant and A Rave

Did you watch the RNC speeches last night? If not, this one by Fred Thompson is incredible. When it began, I was convinced I'd lose interest, being that I admittedly am not that interested in John McCain, but as the conservative nominee I should be supportive. Afterwards I thought, for the first time in this election, that Senator Obama doesn't stand a chance against the magnitude of Senator McCain. I would encourage you to watch this speech, it is quite moving.

More than a veteran, more than a war hero, more than a prisoner of war, a senator, or any other of the hats that Senator McCain has worn, he has proven to me that his outstanding conviction is unlike anything I've seen in any other candidate--and that's something I trust.

The media covered a controversial debate recently where Senator Obama was asked a question about when human life began. His response, "above my pay grade," is still being discussed. Senator McCain's response "at conception," while blunt and bold, showcases firsthand his convictions. This single question tells me all I need to know about Senator Obama, not simply because he's pro-choice, but because of the lack of conviction, uncertainty, and pragmatism behind his answers, which to me, just make him another slimy politician.

Senator Obama has a 100% pro-abortion approval rating from NARAL and Planned Parenthood. Never has he voted to restrict abortion, and even supports the infanticide of children born alive after failed abortion. As a senator, deciding when life began certainly wasn't above his pay grade. Now as a presidental nominee, his conviction seems to have left him. He won't stand confidently behind the votes he cast in the senate, and we on the other side are supposed to sift through his muddled conviction.

I understand that being a POW does not in any way qualify someone to president, but it certainly does reveal character (Thompson). To defend your country's honor in spite of torture and fear of death reveals a lot about the kind of man you are. On the other hand, to cower behind your decisions with fear and lame answers simply reveals a politician looking for gain.

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