Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We have a house! This is the fourth home we've attempted to buy, but through no fault of our own the previous three haven't worked out. Unknowingly, we saved the best for last and are very excited for everything to come. The pictures are off the internet now and we don't close for a couple weeks, so I don't even have a picture to share, but soon enough they'll be plenty.

It is a buyer's market, but it's a myth to think that it's an easy market. The best homes are bought fast, and you can't take a day off in your search for those homes, because they're gone in a matter of days, sometimes less. We saw our house on Saturday after it being on the market for a day. By Monday there were six offers on the house. The same situation happened to us last month attempting to buy a similar home. In that case we came in second of six offers. We learned a few things through the experience, and when this opportunity came up we were going to use everything we learned to win the bid. It worked.

The next couple weeks will be filled with phones calls, oven shopping, and packing up the pieces of our lives assorted through in three different home generous enough to store our stuff during this transition. We are excited, scared, and thankful...but mostly excited :) .

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