Friday, September 5, 2008

No Clever Title, Just A Gross Story

I spent much of my time in college studying psychology of human development. I took class after class about Pavlov's dog, Piaget's learning stages, and endless others with different views about the stages of infants and children. Distinguishing each of these psychologists from their differing theories was quite difficult. I used note cards, color codes, rote memorization in order do well in my classes. Some of these theories, such as positive reinforcement, come in handy in my life today. There was one kook, popularly known as Freud, who gave me a little understanding yesterday after a blog-worthy situation.

Freud's developmental stages revolve around bodily functions. From birth to adulthood, the stages are: Oral, Anal, Latency, Genital. For educational purposes, the first two are the quickest stages and are over by the age of five or six.

Yesterday before naptime I changed a dirty diaper and put Luke in the crib. Twenty minutes later he was fussing in the crib and calling for me. I opened his bedroom door and saw a diaper on the floor and a bare-butted baby in the crib. Pulling the child out of the crib and storing him in an empty tub while I assessed the damage, I quickly saw evidence of the second Freudian stage left behind in the crib. Only slightly freaking out, I pulled all of the wet and soiled bedding out of the crib, grabbed the baby out of the tub and then put him back in after discovering that he was also covered in the second Freudian stage.

Taking naptime very seriously, both for Luke and myself, I improvised a crib sheet with a fleece blanket, cleaned the child and put him back down for a nap. I'm hoping this isn't a sign of things to come, but just to make sure, Luke's going to wear a romper for his nap today.

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