Monday, September 15, 2008

Home Buying

This process continues to exhaust me. With interest rates dropping to ridiculous lows everyday, Mark and I are eager to make a decision on a home. After one dropped offer and a flash sale where we came in second of six other offers, we are still without a home of our own. The home showings continue, the nights spent number crunching and listing searching goes on, and we are left wondering where our house is.

Through this experience I've learned a lot about compromise, expectations, and the difference between laminate floor and carpeting costs. I have a hunch our search will soon come a halt with a combination of the interest rates and eagerness of sellers to get their home sold before the dead of winter hits. Fortunately for us, we're in an ideal situation.

After cramped apartment living, my mind is busy dreaming of a bedroom for my little boy decorated with the trains and dinosaurs he loves. I'm busy dreaming of a nursery for our next one with the matching crib bedding I wasn't able to use for Luke, and a changing table and rocker all in the same room. I'm dreaming of a kitchen with a dishwasher, more than a foot of counter space, and cupboards that open and close without a struggle. I'm dreaming of a Christmas tree, Easter eggs, birthday parties, and breakfast on the porch

It's all been exciting, stressful, and sometimes frustrating, but we're getting there.

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