Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Up to.

It's been SO cold here--there's hardly been a day since it's been above 0 degrees! That said, we've been spending A LOT of time inside without much to do nor anywhere to go. Sesame Street has become a staple of our day simply because we can't go anywhere and it distracts the boys from staying inside day-in-day-out.

Our family officially has "Cabin Fever," which in our house means that the boys are making a lot of forts using furniture and sleeping bags, I'm searching for the perfect recipe for bean and barley soup (what?), and Mark, who usually likes relaxing as much as possible on the weekends suggested we go bowling on Monday night.

Bowling we went, and fortunately now that I have two children and am visibly advanced in my third pregnancy, I get to forfeit my turns to the boys who are always up for throwing balls and knocking things over.

Other Boredom Busters:
~I've crocheted a lot

~Luke is learning to identify the numbers 10-45, AND figuring out the difference between "b" and "d"

~Mastering the drawing of Viperfish

~Organizing the puzzle shelf

~While I don't have a picture of it, the "demo" button on my piano has been a source of endless entertainment in the house. The boys song of choice: an instrumental of Rod Stewart's "If you want my body..." which, for reasons I don't understand they refer to as "The Nutcracker."

...Just enjoying another day of wind/weather advisory!


Theresa said...

This is awesome. We're stranded as well and the kids have taken to running "the loop" countless times a the living room, dash into the dining room for a second then into the family room for a horse shoe run back across the dining into the kitchen around the island and back into the living room. Drives me nuts but it is their outlet for exercise. I'm almost to the point of allowing bed jumping on a daily basis. .... almost.
PBS saves me for the first 1.5 hours of our day and then the craziness begins. *sigh*
I'm still happy it is winter though. I'm not ready for spring yet.

p.s. your crocheting is awesome. i love the colors! and crib sheets?!...really?!!!, a sewing machine, and elastic are almost too much to think about all at once.
....and you said you weren't creative.....

Abby said...

I. love. your. blog. :)

Erin said...

Is that a tiny baby dinosaur on your b-e-d? Super cute!

Mallory said...

Erin, yes, that is a tiny baby dinosaur. In real life her name is Mary Meyer, and is a beloved stuffed friend.