Friday, January 21, 2011

Blogger Update.

I want to plug two new blogs that I am following that you might enjoy.

The first, is Sarah's blog. Sarah likes the things that I like, but after reading her blog you'll realize that she not only likes a lot of things, but that she's really good at a lot of things. She's definitely a friend I can learn a lot from! I'm sure you'll enjoy reading her newborn blog as much as I do!

The second is the fascinating story of a family THAT I KNOW! Jennifer became my friend two years ago after we bought our first home. She was an incredibly welcoming women in our new parish and mom's group. Her family recently sold their home, pulled their kids out of school, bought an RV and has decided to roadtrip across the country. Wow! I'm completely caught up in their adventures.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting about these blogs. I will try to follow the RVing family - what an adventure!


Mallory said...

Lorrene, this family is from Brainerd, so it makes it all the more fun knowing that they are so close to home. Jennifer is a up-and-coming artist, so it's really neat to see her perspective on things as she travels and paints. Enjoy!