Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I haven't left...

But, the kids are sick, I'm sick, everyone is tired and cranky and cries all day!


As soon as we are sufficiently detoxified from the holiday hustle and bustle I can get back to blogging. But right now my house is a huge mess, the bathrooms haven't been cleaned in who knows how long, I am *STILL* out of coffee creamer, I haven't been to bed before midnight in weeks, and my boys have been using me as their official Kleenex for the past week.

So, once I get back a sliver of my former semi-disciplined self, I'll get right back to it.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mom S. said...

God bless you, Mal. Take care of yourself. Know you are loved and in my prayers:-)

Fuzzy said...

So sorry everyone is sick. We were all down this weekend, and it's so tough when Mommy is sick too (and pregnant, which makes it even harder!). Prayers!

Mallory said...

It seems that everyone is getting better, but the little one is taking a longer time. Poor guy gets so congested! I can't believe how many people are sick right now, so I'll count my blessings that our sickness doesn't include trips to the ER or antibiotics.

And yes, fuzzy, pregnancy and sickness is such hard work. I've been there, and there is really nothing harder than taking care of someone when you're sick, not to mention pregnant, too. Prayers for everyone trying to get over the hump!