Wednesday, January 12, 2011


In each of my three pregnancies, there are certain days were I'm just a little checked out. There are a few in the first trimester, a few less in the second, and then a few more in the third. On these days motivation is lacking, energy is non-existent, and as much as I "will" myself to do things, they just don't get done.

Today is one of those days. Monday and Tuesday were close, and today is the culmination of the former two. Nothing much is wrong; I'm the first to admit that my pregnancies are fairly easy and something I'm quite thankful for. However, now that I'm on my third go-around, I am sensing a pattern.

I'm almost 26 weeks now. I'm getting up there! When I was at this stage with Luke (24-28 weeks) I struggled quite a bit. There was a morning at work when I didn't feel quite right and moments later woke up on the floor covered in vomit. That wasn't a good day. For that whole month I struggled with staying conscious wherever I went. With Paul, while fainting wasn't a problem, during the same string of weeks I was hit with pure exhaustion to the point where I couldn't go to work because I literally couldn't see straight. This time around it's not as bad as the first two, but I've definitely felt "run down" while wondering why on earth I'm feeling like this now.

My theory is that the little boys I grow must be doing something extraordinary this month of development where they insist on sucking everything out of me in the process. Let's see, the testicles descend this month, the eyes un-fuse, and hearing becomes more acute, but it's not like Baby is growing heart valves or a spinal column! Come on!

I vote for a Daddy dinner night.


Abby said...

You made me laugh out loud all by myself in my living room. "That wasn't a good day." Hahaha!! You are so cute. I'm glad this isn't quite that extreme, and I certainly hope you're feeling more like yourself again soon. Take care, Mal!

Mallory said...

For the record, we went out last night for Chinese, which was both awesome and gross, but perfect for the kids. What? An ice cream machine??? All you can eat cones??

Today went much better, I just have mini-meltdowns every so often and need someone to step in and take over so that I don't have to be responsible for a few minutes. Ahh...

Ah yes, the Luke incident. It was quite the drama at work that day--me laying on the floor unconscious. Fortunately Mark was able to get there before the paramedics. Phew!

Erin said...

Abby is right, you’ve always been strangely nonchalant about that incident. I can remember when you first told me about it. I was pregnant with Claire and you were entering the home-stretch with Luke. We were talking morning sickness and you said something like “I’ve been very lucky, I haven’t gotten sick much at all, there was really just that one time I passed out at work. I threw up on myself that day.”

Mallory said...

You guys are hilarious. Cracking up during naptime when I SHOULD be sleeping!

Full Disclosure: At the TIME I was freaking out a little bit. I had a prenatal appointment that afternoon anyway and just went to that as scheduled. My doctor in Ann Arbor though was a jerk in more than a few ways, and he blew the whole incident off and told me to "drink more water." Of course, after that I felt really dumb and thought that it all must have been in my head or something. Everything DID turn out okay with Luke, so I guess I can look back and realize that maybe it wasn't such a big deal?? It DID bug me though for a really long time and I ended up getting a lot of opinions about what happened, and I really believe that I had a seizure of some type that day. Again, it all turned out okay and never happened again, but it was admittedly a little frightening at the time.

But yes, a bad day to make light of now :-) . Off to make some tater tots for myself now that the kids are sleeping (I can't stop eating...)