Sunday, March 2, 2008

I Kid You Not

A nameless person at a nameless place of employment looked at my computer monitor. The picture below is what I use as my desktop wallpaper. Pretty, huh?
She said, "That's a pretty picture of Duluth." I kid you not. If you don't know what city this is, it's not a big deal, it's not noticeably recognizable, and I'll admit I wouldn't know the skyline of Chicago from NYC, but come on, a city in northern Minnesota does not look like Salzburg, Austria, it looks like this:

I guess they both have water.


Anonymous said...

not everyone is so privileged to see

Sarah M said...

Kind of sad . . . or maybe a conversation starter? Who knows!

Mallory said...

I didn't post to sound mean, I only thought the story was a little funny. Mostly becuase I'm exactly the kind of person to make those little fumbles, i.e., mixing up left from right, and other obvious embarrassing mixups.