Monday, March 31, 2008


It's comical after my last post that I'm going to now write about nutrition and how it's impacting my life. But, I guess everyone's off the wagon sometimes.

Someone who labels themselves "crunchy" are stereotyped as a organic-loving, tree-hugging, non-vaccinating, uncircumcising, babywearing, non-spanking, granola eating person. Presently I do not label myself this way, but I've noticed that my views particularly on nutrition have changed recently.

I try very hard to cook healthy food for my family. I say "very hard" because cooking doesn't come naturally, and I'm a picky eater who has a difficult time trying new things. Still, we eat chicken, fish, and whole grains regularly, and have eliminated all refined flour and sugars.

Now that it's become habit, I'd like to take the next step towards overhauling our nutrition. Specifically, switching our produce to organic, followed by our dairy. I've looked into a Co-op in our community and soon hope to be buying our rolled oats and flax seeds there...we'll see where that leads me.

I'm not sure what has prompted this change in me, but it's most likely the desire of continually wanting to know how we can live healthier as a family. It's been a slow process, and we still have a long way to go, but I'm hoping we can make lasting changes that can make a great impact. The Easter Bunny doesn't have to know, and we'll keep Santa out of the loop, too.

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