Monday, March 31, 2008

Bumps in the Road

What's happening to my sweet, good-natured little boy? In the blink of an eye he's revealed that he can be obstinate and lose his temper with little to no aggravation. I think he turned two years old three days ago. My patience is being tested, and my energy to keep distracting him before he has another meltdown is being worn. I'm tired from working late hours, and I'm behind on everything at home.

Everyone has days like this, right? I don't want to come across so negative, but I have to admit that occasionally there's a stinky day, or in this case a few in a row.

A very wise mother once told me that she relied on Hail Mary's to get her through each day. On the bad ones, she said, she said them round the hour. I thought of that this morning and tried it after three hours of fussiness and whining.

Luke's on hour three of his nap.

Thank you, Jesus! Mother Mary, pray for me!


The mom said...

I know exactly how you feel. ben is perfecting the use of the word "no" and says it when I ask him to do pretty much anything. Then there is the inevitable to year old tantrum if I try to make him do it. Gotta love two year olds!

Mallory said...

I'm glad we're in the same boat. Sometimes I feel like people look at me and think "Wow, she can't get ahold of that kid?" Fortunately, I don't get too flustered, but I still have to rack my brain as to how I'm going to fix the behavior! Luke and Ben will come around sooner or later!