Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm a little discouraged this week because I haven't made much progress in the baby weight department. When Luke was baby Paul's age I was at least five pounds lighter, and I feel stuck despite running around our house constantly, eating healthy foods, and exercising when I can.

My little progress was this morning when I was able to button, albeit tightly, a pair of capris that I couldn't get zipped last week. So, I know things are working, but it is just taking its time.

My goal for this week is to get more exercise by working out in our yard. The bleakness of our property has to go, and already Mark and I (mostly Mark...) dug out flower beds, pulled weeds, and have laid black dirt in preparation for planting. Hopefully the tending of a modest garden will help to keep me in check for baby-weight progress.

What's that? Yes, the Hesitant Mama is going to attempt a garden. And, as usual, I have no idea what I'm doing. But have no fear, Google is here. I'm relying on wikipedia and youtube to show me how it's done. No kidding.

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Anonymous said...

I'm planning on bringing over hosta and lilies this weekend. Glad to hear you have some black dirt - that will help a lot.
Yo' Mama