Monday, May 18, 2009

Constant Craving

While living in St. Paul I stumbled across these pretzels. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a thing about pretzel sticks. Pretzel sticks and a Diet Coke is quite possibly the best snack combination in my world, and I've been told, by more than one friend, that when they think of me from across the miles, it is with me twirling a pretzel stick in one hand, and a Diet Coke in the other.
Now, Salty Stix aren't just your average Rold Gold. They are teeny-tiny pretzel sticks, short, thin and buttery. They are also extremely difficult to find now that we're out of the Twin Cities. Salty Stix are only sold at Rainbow foods, and the nearest Rainbow is nearly two hours from our house. My sister-in-law recently gave me the idea to look on Amazon, where they are sold in packs of twelve. But, ho-hum, they are not available at this time.
So friends, since I never get out of the house because I have a newborn and hellion of an almost-three-year old, and you have a giant, thrilling social life that brings you to places outside Northern Minnesota that have exciting new grocers, pick me up a pack of Salty Stix...or twelve.

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