Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Progress: Baby Weight

Goal #1: Breakfast
Progress: I ate breakfast everyday this week! Specifically, I ate oatmeal, which is a huge accomplishment since I actually don't like oatmeal, but I tolerate it because I do notice a difference in my energy level when I eat oatmeal, and it fills me up until lunch, which can't be said about a bowl of cereal or bagel. My only slip was yesterday when I didn't eat until 10am. I had had a rough night with the baby and before I knew it I had downed more cups of coffee than I'd like to admit and was shaky and dizzy with hunger.

My goal for this week: Get Outside
The weather in MN right now isn't any fun. It looks sunny outside, and the clear forecast warms our house right up, but once you get outside you feel the wind whip your face and have to go back inside for a jacket. I'm trying, and will try even harder to get outside everyday. I put the baby in his Bjorn, Luke in the stroller, and walk as long as the weather permits. It's a goal because it's a hassle to get out there. Luke needs to be bundled, and then he insists on bringing at least three blankets and a handful of dinosaurs with him. Then I have to double dress the baby, and try to drape him with blankets once he's in the Bjorn. It's so worth it once we get out there, I just have to get through the struggle to get out the door.

I think I can post confidently that the number 25 can be lowered to 23. Yippee!

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