Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Darndest Things

During Holy Thursday Mass, Father Kris gave a very insightful homily about the priesthood. Explaining that he, as a child, wanted to be an astronaut, but became discouraged after seeing the pile of books he'd have to read, became a believer in the humor of God when he realized that the he had to read double the number of books to become a priest.

On Saturday night during dinner, Luke proudly announced that he wanted to be an astronaut, just like Father Kris. Mark and I, realizing that the whole point of the homily flew right over his head, tried to take advantage of a teachable moment while Luke rambled on about rocket ships and Mars. 

"Luke," we asked him, "When you grow up do you want to be a priest like Father Kris, or do you want to be a daddy like your dad.?" 

"A daddy," Luke answered. 

We questioned him further, "So, you want to be like daddy and have a wife?"

"Yeah, I want a wife," Luke answered boldly. 

Getting a kick out of his assurance, we asked one final question. 

"Luke, what's a wife?"

He looked as us like we were dumb for not knowing, and answered us like we should have known better. 

He took another bite of enchilada and answered confidently, 

"A car."  


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you heard him wrong, I think he said, "Uh, Claire!" JK

Mallory said...

You wish ;)