Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flylady...or Fly By the Seat of My Pants

I am now in desperate need of a system. A month ago I had a two year old content playing while I did everything I needed to do around the house, and then during naptime I tied up loose ends, started dinner or worked on special projects that required more concentration than Luke would allow. 

That is no more. Now, my almost three-year old is constantly demanding my attention, and then there's that minor detail of the month-old boy who's joined our family. Waking up Monday morning I quickly became overwhelmed with all I needed to do around the house. I had bathrooms to clean, shirts to iron, floors to vacuum and a large laundry basket to empty. By the end of the day only half the shirts were ironed, the vacuum made its way out of the closet but the floors were not vacuumed, the laundry basket got upstairs but was still full, and only the bathroom countertops were clean. That means that today I have the same to-do list I had yesterday, and the house is in perpetual disarray with an ironing board, vacuum and laundry to bombard.

We live in our house. I'm home most of the time, now with two boys, and we prepare and eat food in our house three times a day. Luke plays in his home, and we spend our evenings and weekends in our home. Put these factors together, and it's apparent that our house needs constant upkeep and maintenance. Part of the problem is that I'm meticulous and not in the least laid-back. I live by the motto "There's a place for everything, everything in its place." That means that it's difficult, almost impossible for me to relax or sit down if jackets aren't hung up in the closet, a puzzle piece is on the floor, or a coffee cup left on the table. Throw that together with the daily cleaning that needs to be done and I'm a nervous breakdown waiting to happen!

This week I'm working on making a system, by month, to help me stay on top of jobs to be done, because, I'm realizing, I can't get it all done in a day. I'm starting by listing all the things that I do around the house from sweeping to cleaning out the fridge. Then I'm categorizing them into tasks that need to be done daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly. By the end of the week I'm hoping to have a schedule that I can follow where beyond daily jobs likes emptying the dishwasher, I have only one, or maybe two tasks to complete.  The goal is that the house will stay moderately clean and that I will avoid the Manic Monday and an endless list impossible to keep up with. 

I'll keep my progress on this project posted. I know there are many online resources to help with this sort of thing, but for me, I think I will do best to tailor this to my exact needs. Wish me luck!


Fuzzy said...

You go, girl! I am still working out a system, and I have 3! I know all the feelings you expressed so well in the beginning. I feel like that every day.

Anonymous said...

when mine were little, I used "Sidetracked Home Executives"...I loved it. The books were hilarious. They were two sisters that wrote systems that really worked for me. Everything was written on note cards..jobs and meals. It was great. I divided my house into 6 areas and things that needed to be done daily and it made nothing overwhelming. I don't know if you can still get the books...I gave mine to Leah...They were a God-send for me. They were written with a Christian/humor base. I laughed while I read them and enjoyed putting them into practice! Miss you, Mal...Mom S

Anonymous said...

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