Sunday, April 26, 2009


So, I've finished the Twilight Series, and I have to admit, they're pretty freaking awesome. However, now that I am no longer consumed totally and completely with a pregnancy and am four weeks postpartum, I have to start back on my path of enriching literature in an effort not to let my intellect turn to mush in the midst of raising two boys under three.

Let's be honest, a majority of my conversation amongst friends would reveal that the latest book we've read was Green Eggs and Ham, but there might the occasional (or rare...) event that conversation might digress to something a bit more academic than potty training, apple juice, and sidewalk chalk. I'd better be prepared.

I'm nearly a third through The Song of Bernadette by Frank Werfel, something I've not read before. The style is a bit cumbersome, but I'm enjoying the story very much. Maybe I'll try something more mainstream once I finish this book, but as long as the book was on the shelf and I don't have to worry about late fines at the library it works for me.

Happy Sunday!

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