Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Luke is at the starting line of playing make-believe. I love listening to him playing with his trains and dinosaurs and bringing them to life with names and conflict. 

Luke's new favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are. He wants the book read to him all day. This, you can imagine, is quite difficult to keep up with while bouncing and nursing a newborn. Reading the book no less than fifteen times in one morning, I did what any respectable Gen-X mother would do and found the book read aloud on youtube. Luke thought this was the coolest thing he'd seen, and it gave me a three minute window to do what I needed to do between pressing play over and over again. After another twenty reads online, Mark told me that there's actually a Where the Wild Things Are film coming out. Now Luke asks to watch the movie trailer everyday, multiple times, until I can find something more engaging to distract him from the computer screen. The movie is coming out in October, Luke will be over three, and I'm hoping that the movie is as innocent and as non-threatening as the book and that Luke can see it. 

In the meantime, my little Luke has nicknamed himself "Max," is chasing after sea serpents, running wild, and thinks that he, too, is the king of all wild things.  


Anonymous said...


Luke IS the king of all wild things!

Erin & Claire

Monica said...

So cute! I love it.

Mallory said...

All I need now is a wolf suit...